Youth engagement

Council steps up efforts to improve the lives of young people in West Oxfordshire

West Oxfordshire District Council is set to improve how it engages young people in Council matters and tackle barriers faced by young people, including isolation, and poor access to the opportunities and services available to them. 

Councillor Joy Aitman, Executive Member for Stronger Healthy Communities, said:

“Through speaking with our young residents, we have come to understand the challenges they face; from the isolating effects of living rurally and having limited access to the services designed for young people, to the expense of joining in with local activities. 

“We have seen the impact that declining government funding has had on youth services over the years, and as your Council, we're dedicated to ensuring every young person in our district feels valued and supported.  

“This means creating more opportunities for young residents to get involved in important planning and decision-making processes, to help them to shape their future.” 

To lead the efforts in representing the needs and views of young people, the Council is introducing a Youth Developer role. This role aims to bridge the gap between the Council and its young residents by actively working to create new opportunities for them, with the help of funding pledged by the Council to kick-start some of these initiatives. 

The role will also involve close collaboration with local partners and offer much-needed support to Oxfordshire County Council’s youth work team, championing initiatives aimed at improving services and broadening opportunities available for young people across the district. On behalf of local children, young people, and parents, it will also raise awareness of the need for improvement in mental health services for families in West Oxfordshire. 

Building on the foundations laid by the Council’s Youth Needs Assessment, the Council is wholeheartedly committed to maintaining open conversations with its young residents, empowering them to take an active role in shaping the future of their communities. In particular, the involvement of young people in the development of the Local Plan, Climate Strategies, and the Council Plan, will have a significant impact on the experiences of the youth across West Oxfordshire.

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