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West Oxfordshire District Council calls for more consideration to rural travel options in county transport plans

West Oxfordshire District Council is calling for stronger recognition of the transport challenges faced by rural communities in a future planning document for transport across Oxfordshire.

Councillor Jeff Haine, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning, said; “We welcome the on-going engagement on the Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP), which outlines the long-term vision for transport in the County. 

“There are many aspects of this plan we are wholly supportive of and the general direction of moving to more sustainable travel, improving road safety and protecting the environment is the right approach. It fits very well with our plans at a district level to improve health and wellbeing and tackle climate change.

“However, in our view we believe this plan needs more flexibility for rural communities where accessing public transport, walking and cycling often aren’t practical for many journeys.

“We would like to see different approaches to the urban and rural areas of the county, taking into account the transport challenges faced by rural communities, especially when trying to reduce emissions and move to greener forms of travel.”

The county Local Transport Connectivity Plan has been out for public consultation over the past two months with West Oxfordshire District Council submitting its views as part of the consultation.

The Local Transport and Connectivity Plan (LTCP) outlines Oxfordshire County Council’s long-term vision for transport in the county and the policies required to deliver this. The Plan covers the time period up to 2050.

More information on the plans can be found on the Oxfordshire County Council website

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