West Oxfordshire District Council agrees budget plans as inflation costs hit local services

West Oxfordshire District Council has agreed its budget for the next financial year as the Council looks to manage the increased costs of inflation to continue to deliver local services and invest in the district.

Councillor Dan Levy, Cabinet Member for Finance, said; “The district council is facing a number of financial challenges as a result of increased costs due to inflation, over a decade of funding cuts from Government, and yet again a real terms cut in our funding for this year from Government.

“However, while we have challenges, we are confident that through sensible management of our limited funding we can continue to deliver good local services and also have opportunities to invest in the things we know matter to local residents. 

“We consulted with residents on how we managed our budget this year and I would like to thank the hundreds of residents who responded. We have looked at every response and they have helped us set this budget, which we believe is a good value budget for local residents.

“One of the main things you asked us to do in your consultation responses was protect the local services you use, so that is where we are directing our funding for next year. We also want to continue to look at how we tackle the climate emergency, how we support communities and the other priorities you fed back to us during our recent consultation on our Council Plan. 

“We will continue to work closely with local partners such as the County Council and Police to pool resources and approach local challenges together to do more for local communities.This includes looking at where we can bring in external funding to help support communities, which we have had success with recently.

“On top of this, we are continually working on improving the services you receive and also looking at how we can be more efficient, so you get more for your money. Although there is very limited money available, the Council has prioritised urgent and important areas, and recognises that difficult decisions cannot be deferred.”

Councillor Andy Graham, Leader of West Oxfordshire District Council said “Before a local authority can establish and develop a budget, we need to finish our Strategic Plan, because we need to determine the best ways to allocate funds. We have done that and we have consulted with residents, community groups and businesses and produced our Council Plan which clearly sets out our priorities.”

“We, in West Oxfordshire, are doing our part to change that by engaging with our community, keeping them more informed and engaged. We are addressing the climate emergency, the regeneration of our towns and villages. The sports pavilions for pitches in partnership with football clubs, parishes and towns. We cannot do all this alone. Partnership is the key, meaningful partnership that gives delegated and added responsibility to our town and parish councils to ensure, we, together are delivering in the most effective way. “

The budget agreed by the Council includes a council tax rise of 10p per week for the average band D household. As part of the funding settlement from the Government it was anticipated that all local authorities raise their Council Tax.

However, it maintains free car parking across West Oxfordshire and includes additional one-off monies to support local communities through the cost of living crisis and to help with local priorities.

The district council only receives around 5.4% of a council tax bill, with the rest going to the county council, fire service, police and parish councils. With that money the council delivers over 50 services including waste collections, planning services, help for homeless people, leisure centres and many others. The district council does not deliver other local services such as road maintenance, schools, adult social care or children's services which are managed by the County Council.

Cllr Levy continued, “We have had to make some difficult decisions in the face of our financial challenges. If you need support with paying your Council Tax, please visit our website or call our customer services team to see if you are eligible for help through our Council Tax Support Scheme.”

Residents can find out more about the support scheme by visiting www.westoxon.gov.uk/counciltaxsupport


The full budget papers can be read on the council website.

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