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Statement from the Leader of West Oxfordshire District Council on the situation in Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, led by Vladimir Putin must be condemned by all free nations as an unjustified and brutal act. 

We cannot imagine the distress and devastation being experienced by the communities of Ukraine. The situation has led to large-scale displacement of communities from the country with many Ukrainian residents fleeing their homes. I know that I speak for our communities when I say that thoughts from West Oxfordshire's residents and members of West Oxfordshire District Council are with those people at this desperate time. 

The global outpouring of deep concern for the Ukrainian people sends support and hope for a resolution, as the situation in the country escalates and normal, everyday peoples’ stories of conflict come to light. This concern is seen both across the globe and also locally in West Oxfordshire, with residents directly speaking to me about the effect this has had on them and their families. 

We are all seeing on national and international news services, stories of how normal people's lives have been changed drastically, forever, in such a short space of time. But, we need the people of Ukraine to know we are thinking of them, and we all hope that this situation ceases as quickly as it began, and that local people can start to rebuild their lives.

We stand in unity and solidarity with all those who will be affected by this act of aggression and support the sanctions imposed against Russia by the Government.

Councillor Michele Mead, Leader West Oxfordshire District Council 


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