Salt Cross

Salt Cross Update - August 2022

Update on Salt Cross Garden Village

The Planning Inspector has responded to West Oxfordshire District Council on the Area Action Plan (AAP) for Salt Cross Garden Village, paving the way for the plan to be approved and setting the scene for the development to progress.

The Area Action Plan sets out the framework for how the Salt Cross Garden Village should be a landscape led development, taking into account key factors such as affordable housing, protecting the environment, active travel and business growth.

The AAP was developed through extensive consultation with local communities to make sure the development is right for the district.

Views will be sought on the proposed changes through a full public consultation – the timing of which will be confirmed as soon as possible, but is anticipated to take place shortly.

For more information on the Garden Village please visit: 


Help to Build register

Salt Cross Garden Village aims to provide for self build opportunities. Residents will soon be able to register their interest to be able to build their own custom built home at Salt Cross. 

A ‘help to build’ scheme has been launched by government, to find out more please go to - 

and also

Help to Build eligibility and application process.

Community Development Facilitator for Salt Cross Eliane Pony is able to assist with enquiries about self build projects at Salt Cross, she can be contacted here - [email protected] 

Contact Information

West Oxfordshire District Council Communications Team

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