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Residents urged not to contaminate recycling bins

Residents are being reminded to check what they are placing in their recycling bins as contamination is increasing.

The Council has noticed an increasing number of items such as nappies, food and plastic bags being placed in the blue-lidded bins.

Recycling crews will be checking bins and any containing incorrect items will not be emptied. It will then be the housholder’s responsibility to remove the contamination before the next collection.

Cllr Norman MacRae, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “While we appreciate household waste has been increasing with so many residents in lockdown recently, there is no excuse for contaminating recycling.

“The message is clear – we will not take contaminated recycling as it can negatively affect the entire load. We urge residents to take responsibility for their rubbish and what they are placing in the recycling bins.”

Anyone requiring guidance on what can be recycled and which bin to use should see:

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