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£260,156 for homelessness prevention across the District

West Oxfordshire District Council has allocated £260,156 for homelessness prevention, reducing the need for expensive short term, emergency accommodation and reducing uncertainty for individuals and families. 

Councillor Merilyn Davies, Cabinet Member for Housing and Homelessness said,

“No one wants to be homeless or experience the challenges that result in it, which is why we are proactively supporting individuals and families to prevent homelessness. Last year, WODC Homelessness Support staff helped 89 households stay in their homes and helped 184 families with emergency or temporary accommodation across the District. We intend to support as many people as we can this year.”

“We’re working within our priorities of supporting and building prosperous and inclusive local communities; meeting the housing needs of our changing population and delivering excellent modern services whilst ensuring the financial sustainability of the Council to prevent homelessness in our District.”

“Our activities this year will allow the Housing Team to assist clients with bespoke solutions (such as addressing arrears, moving costs and providing mediation) to prevent homelessness from occurring at the earliest possible stage, reducing the need for expensive and unsuitable Bed & Breakfast use and providing our clients with the best possible outcome.”

“We’ll also provide funding support for cash deposits, fees and payments of rent in advance; as well as payments to help households make their new accommodation liveable. We’ve ensured that roles are fully staffed to manage funds and that clients are fully supported.”

Find more information on how to contact the Council for homelessness support here https://westoxon.gov.uk/housing/homelessness-support-and-advice/

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