Flood Fair in Witney to help local residents prepare for flooding this winter

West Oxfordshire District Council will be hosting a Flood Fair in Witney to inform residents about how to prepare and what to do during a flood.

Last year, parts of the district experienced floods that saw Christmas day disrupted for some residents. Ahead of the winter season this year, the Council is taking a proactive approach to ensure residents are properly informed so that they can manage future flooding events. 

Cllr Norman MacRae, Cabinet Member of Environment for West Oxfordshire District Council said: “This event is part of our campaign on flood awareness in the district this year. We will be providing essential information on what residents should do before, during and after a flooding incident especially for residents who live in areas likely to flood.

“Flooding is caused by so many different elements, and happens in many different places, it means many different agencies are responsible for different aspects of flooding prevention and response. This makes it really difficult to understand who to speak to.

“While as a District Council our only statutory responsibility is to re-home people who are displaced by flooding, we also want to help people prepare and understand how different agencies can help. We have all the relevant organisations at the Flood Fair so residents will be able to speak to who they need to. 

“This is an educational event where we will share the types of floods that can occur and who to contact in the event of any and what type of support each agency or organisation provides. We will also give information on where to find flooding products and other vital resources. This event is not one to miss especially if you live in an area that may have had flooding cases in the past.”

The Flood Fair is open to the public and it will take place in Witney Town Centre on Thursday November 4, 2021 in two sessions from 10am to 12noon and 1pm to 4pm. It will be hosted in the Town Centre Shop on the High street on the corner of High Street and Welch Way. There will be representatives from Oxfordshire County Council, the Environment Agency and Thames Water in attendance.

Through the winter months, a flooding awareness campaign in West Oxfordshire will run to inform and educate residents ahead of, and during, any flooding incidents. 

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Notes to editors

Media are more than welcome to come along and attend the event. If you would like to do so can you please let us know when you plan to attend. Please email [email protected]