Council Announces Transfer of Ownership of Playparks to Witney Town Council

West Oxfordshire District Council is delighted to announce the beginning of the process to transfer ownership of several playparks to Witney Town Council. The move aims to enhance the management and development of these cherished community spaces, ensuring their continued improvement for the residents of Witney and West Oxfordshire.

Recognising the significance of playparks as essential recreational areas for children and families, West Oxfordshire District Council has collaborated closely with Witney Town Council to ensure a seamless transition of responsibility. With this transfer of ownership, Witney Town Council will, in future, hold the reins in overseeing the maintenance, upgrades, and future development of the playparks.

Councillor Joy Aitman, Executive Member for Stronger, Healthy Communities said “West Oxfordshire District Council has always been committed to promoting the well-being of its residents. By transferring ownership to Witney Town Council, we are confident that the playparks will receive even greater attention and focus from a local perspective. This transfer empowers the town council to make timely decisions and implement tailored improvements that reflect the specific needs and desires of the community.”

“Witney Town Council, as the new custodian of these playparks, will now have direct control over decisions regarding renovations, landscaping, and the introduction of new play equipment.

“They will work closely with local residents, community groups, and stakeholders to ensure that the playparks continue to be safe, inclusive, and enjoyable spaces for children of all ages.”

Witney Town Council is eager to take on this new responsibility and has already outlined plans to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the existing playparks to identify areas for improvement. They will actively seek feedback from the local community and encourage residents to contribute their ideas and suggestions for enhancing these recreational spaces. The town council is committed to providing regular updates and progress reports to keep the community informed and engaged throughout this process.

For further information regarding the transfer of ownership or to share your input on the future development of these playparks, please contact the Witney Town Council offices www.witney-tc.gov.uk

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Notes to editors

Note to editors:

Cedar Drive Play Area, Waterford Lane Madley Park and Ralegh Crescent Play Area are the three parks scheduled for transfer of ownership.