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Calling young people of West Oxfordshire! Get creative and have your say on climate action

Young people are being urged to help shape the Council’s response to the climate emergency.

Students, schools and young people from across the district are invited to express their views and ideas in an online consultation

As part of that we have arranged a special competition which encourages them to get creative and send us their art to express how they feel about climate change and how their perfect, future world would look.

All entries will be considered whether working alone, with siblings or as a team of remotely-working friends. Our cross-party Climate Action Working Group will be judging the entries and sharing with you all their favourites, so it’s over to you. Submit your entries to us no later than Tuesday 30 June.

What does climate change mean for you?

Post your videos - songs, raps, poems, dance, whatever grabs you - to describe what climate change means for you. Let us know what you’d like to see happen to make a change for the better and help protect our natural world.

Share your videos with everyone by posting them here using this hashtag: #climateactionwoxon.

Your future world

If you love to draw, paint or take photographs, use the medium of art to describe your perfect, future world where we have come together and successfully tackled the issues of climate change.

What does your perfect world look like? Are we still driving cars? What do our buildings and homes look like? How do we heat and power them? What jobs are we doing? What technologies are we using? How are we living with nature? And what do our natural landscapes and pathways to school and work look like?

Your future world may be the whole planet or just your street. Release the artist in you and illustrate what you see.

Share your work with everyone by posting it on the WODC social media links here using the hashtag: #climateactionwoxon

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Alternatively, email to [email protected]

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