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Businesses to get more support to help them reopen safely

While the reopening of the economy continues, West Oxfordshire District Council officers are continuing to work with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to call and visit local businesses with the team offering help and advice on the safest operating procedures.

The aim is to help businesses make sure the right measures are in place to manage the risk from coronavirus in line with the latest Government guidance.

Cllr Norman MacRae, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said: “We are talking to local businesses and visiting sites across West Oxfordshire to understand how they are managing risk in line with their specific business activity.

“All business should have Covid-secure measures in place. It is a legal duty for businesses to protect their workers and others from harm and this includes taking reasonable steps to control risk and protect people from coronavirus.

“This means making business adjustments to be Covid-secure. We advise employers to work with staff when implementing changes to help increase confidence with workers, customers and the local community.

“As changes come throughout the next few months and businesses reopen, our responsibility is to make sure that all measures continue to be taken to keep workers safe as they return to the workplace.”

Angela Storey, Director of Transformation and Operational Services at the HSE, said: “As we come out of lockdown, we are continuing to work with local authorities to check businesses are Covid-secure and providing guidance and advice where needed.

“Our spot checks and inspections support cross-government work in helping employers and employees who have worked throughout the pandemic and those returning as lockdown measures ease.

“By checking businesses have measures in place to manage the risks, we can benefit the health of local communities as well as supporting the local and national UK economy.”

The Covid-secure measures businesses should have in place include:

  • Risk assessment: every workplace should have a Covid risk assessment. Update it to reflect any changes in legislation or guidance that may impact your work activity
  • Social distancing: where possible you should keep people two metres apart. If this is not viable, keeping one metre apart with risk mitigation is acceptable
  • Cleaning, hygiene and handwashing: keeping your workplace clean reduces the potential for coronavirus to spread. It is a critical part of making and keeping your business COVID-secure.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning can help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus
  • Talk to workers: provide information about providing support and maintaining control measures
  • Working from home: provide the equipment they need, keep in regular contact and discuss their wellbeing
  • Vulnerable workers: talk to staff, provide information and consider the risk to workers who are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus – putting controls in place to reduce that risk

Please ensure your workplace is safe by following the guidance on being COVID-secure. Further information on spot checks and inspections is available on the HSE website.

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Peter Hannis of Carterton-based hair salon Kutting Krew was recently advised by council officers